“The backbone of the energy sector revolution: towards a fully digital and smarter distribution system operator” by João Torres

Abstract: The electricity sector is facing unprecedent changes which are impacting the entire value chain. Europe is amid one of its major legislative processes of the last decades to bring about the ‘Energy Union’ that is due to make energy more secure, affordable and sustainable, and to empower customers to become central to the transformation. There is growing acknowledge of the key roles Distribution System Operators will play in leading the change towards a more decarbonized, decentralized and digitized sector. EDP Distribuição, Portugal’s mainland DSO serving more than 6 million customers, is among the most innovative companies when it comes to building the digital and smarter grids of the future and to help in setting out directions. The Workshop will address some of the major issues for the sector and the way the company is pushing forward and walking the talk.

Short Bio: João Torres is the CEO of EDP Distribuição, the Portuguese Distribution System Operator, since 2006, after taking over executive positions in several Group companies in previous years. In the most recent period, he also served two consecutive terms as Chairman of the European Association representing DSOs across Europe, which is leading the way forward to bring smart and digital grids from vision to reality.

Date(s) - Jan 30, 2018
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

38-138 Engineering IV
420 Westwood Plaza Los Angeles CA 90095