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MAE 157A design-build-launch winners

MAE 157A recently completed their design-build-launch competition in the Mojave desert, with Team Sharkie coming out on top after two repeatable launches and reusable vehicle recoveries. Student teams were tasked with designing rockets to launch an altimeter, on-board...

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2018 Commencement Awards and Honors Announcement

2018 HARRY M. SHOWMAN PRIZE Brendon G. Anderson, B.S., ME, Sp18 2018 STUDENT SPEAKER Gerardo Franco, M.S., ME, Sp18 2018 NATIONAL ANTHEM VOCALIST Theodore Frank Allen, B.S., ME, Su18 2018 ENGINEERING ACHIEVEMENT AWARD FOR STUDENT WELFARE Theodore Frank Allen, B.S.,...

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Tim Fisher new MAE Chair

Prof. Tim Fisher has agreed to become chair of the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering for a five-year term starting July 1, 2018. Tim is a highly-regarded researcher in heat transfer, a terrific teacher and mentor, and a deeply-respected member of the...

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