MAE Alumni who are members of the National Academy of Engineering

Membership in the National Academy of Engineering is the highest honor that an engineer can achieve.  We are pleased to acknowledge the following outstanding alumni.  (For more information on the NAE, please visit the NAE website.)

Dr. James F. Jackson
PHD, 1969
Retired Deputy Director | Los Alamos National Laboratory
Election Year: 1991
For pioneering contributions to nuclear safety analysis and outstanding technical leadership.

Dr. B. John Garrick
MS, 1962 | PHD, 1968
Distinguished Adjunct Professor B. John Garrick Institute for the Risk Sciences| University of California, Los Angeles
Election Year: 1993
For making quantitative risk assessment an applied science and a fundamental part of engineering design.

Dr. Ralph L. Keeney
BS, 1966
Research Professor Emeritus of Decision Science Fuqua School of Business| Duke University
Election Year: 1995
For contributions to the theory and engineering practice of decision analysis as applied to complex public problems with conflicting objectives.

Dr. John L. Junkins
MS, 1967 | PHD, 1969
Distinguished Professor of Aerospace Engineering, Royce E. Wisenbaker ’39 Chair in Engineering| Texas A&M University-College Station
Election Year: 1996
For contributions to flight mechanics and flexible vehicle control.

Dr. Hadi Abu-Akeel
MS, 1963
Founding Partner | Brachium Inc.
Election Year: 1997
For contributions to design, control, and implementation of industrial robots.

Dr. William E. Kastenberg
BS, 1962 | MS, 1963
Daniel M. Tellep Distinguished Professor, Emeritus | University of California, Berkeley (Retired)
Election Year: 1997
For contributions in the field of nuclear reactor safety.

Professor Ali Mosleh
MS, 1978 | PHD, 1981
Distinguished Professor and Evalyn Knight Chair | University of California, Los Angeles
Election Year: 2010
For contributions to the development of Bayesian methods and computational tools in probabilistic risk assessment and reliability engineering.

Professor Mark J. Kushner
BS, 1976
George I Haddad Collegiate Professor | University of Michigan
Election Year: 2011
For contributions to low-temperature plasmas for semiconductors, optics, and thin-film manufacturing.

Ms. Joanne M. Maguire
MS, 1978
Retired Executive Vice President Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company| Lockheed Martin Corporation
Election Year: 2011
For individual and team leadership of successful space programs.

Professor Robert E. Skelton
PHD, 1976
Daniel L. Alspach Professor of Dynamics Systems and Controls, Emeritus| University of California, San Diego
Election Year: 2012
For contributions to robust control, system identification, and methodology for control-structure interaction.

Professor Ann R. Karagozian
BS, 1978
Distinguished Professor | University of California, Los Angeles
Election Year: 2018
For contributions to combustion and propulsion, education of future aerospace engineers, and service to the country.

Dr. Alison K. Brown
PHD, 1985
President and Chief Executive Officer | NAVSYS Corporation
Election Year: 2020
For contributions to research and development of precision navigation and timing technologies.

Dr. Kathryn A. McCarthy
MS, 1986 | PHD, 1989
Vice President, R&D and Laboratory Director | Canadian Nuclear Laboratories
Election Year: 2019
For leadership in research and data analysis in support of licensing extensions for light water nuclear reactors.