MS Graduation Checklist

Many UCLA deadlines are at 5:00PM Pacific Time (PT) on business days unless otherwise indicated. 

The deadline for being on Filing Fee for Fall, Winter, or Spring term is Tuesday of Week 1 of the quarter during Filing Fee Usage. A student must submit a completed application with all necessary approvals by 5:00 pm Pacific Time (PT). Summer term filing fee is due 8 business days prior to the last day of Summer Session C

It is the student’s responsibility to file advancement to candidacy forms for masters’s degree in the major department no later than the second week of the quarter in which the student expects the award of the degree. Note that a student cannot advance to candidacy during the same term as the filing fee.

For more information on Graduate Status Comparison: Filing Fee, In Absentia Registration, Leave of Absence, Withdrawal, please visit: 

Please review the MAE MS degree program requirements and complete the following required forms listed below for your MS degree:

MS Degree Summary:

At least nine courses (36 units) are required, of which at least five must be graduate courses and are required to take at least one of the courses from the ME or AE list.

For the comprehensive plan, the student may select one of the following options:

(1) Take and pass the first part of the PhD written qualifying exam.

(2) Conduct a research or design project and submit a final report.

(3) Take and pass three extra written exams at the end of a graduate course

In the thesis plan, seven of the nine must be formal courses, including at least four from the 200 series. The two remaining may be 598 courses. Forms 1., 2., and 3. listed below are required.

Failure to file for your Master’s Degree by the deadline will prevent the student from receiving the degree until the quarter in which the forms are filled and the student is advanced to candidacy. In addition, you may have to re-enroll and pay registrations fees.

All MS Forms (find forms here):

1. Program Requirements

2. Program of Study (Requires your advisor’s approval)
List your nine courses (or Seven for the Thesis Plan) taken with a GPA average of 3.0.

3. Advancement to Candidacy (PhD students must file for MS advancement to candidacy before their prospectus)
List your nine courses (or Seven for the Thesis Plan) taken with a GPA average of 3.0. 

4. MS Comprehensive Form (If Applicable)
List the three extra examinations courses. 

5. Filing Fee (If you are not registered in the quarter you plan to obtain your MS degree) 

6. Nomination of MS Committee (Required for the Thesis plan)
Submit items 2 and 3, (Also 5 if applicable). (Nomination must be submitted two weeks prior to filing your Thesis.)

7. Thesis Guidelines (Guidelines on filing your MS Thesis) 

8. Complete MAE Exit Survey (Required for the MS Thesis Option)