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Graduate Admissions


Thank you for your interest in our department. Please review our admissions requirements before beginning the application. Review the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Graduate Admissions FAQ. Note that our department’s requirements (for example, submitting official transcripts, GRE) may exceed that of UCLA Graduate Admissions. Therefore, ensure that you submit any department required documents, in addition to those required by UCLA. Also, read the UCLA Grad Admissions FAQs.

The Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department has been in existence as a separate entity since 1984. It has a faculty of 36 full-time professors, all of whom serve as Graduate Advisers to our 338 graduate students. All our faculty are engaged in research projects, usually externally funded, that produce leading contributions to engineering and science.

Please note that admission to the department is quite competitive. Recently admitted applicants have had a mean grade point average of 3.68/4.00, while their Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores on the Verbal, Quantitative, and Analytical sections have averaged 79%, 92%, 84% respectively.


Students and Prospective students, please use Message Center to correspond with us – Click links below:


Mailing Address for Official Application Documents

Student Services Office
University of California, Los Angeles
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department
420 Westwood Plaza, 48-121 Engineering IV Bldg.
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1597


The UCLA Application for Graduate Admission should be used to apply. The online application includes complete instructions and further information. Note that our department requires additional documents (for example, official transcripts, GRE) for admissions. 

University regulations do not permit an applicant to apply to more than one major. Please decide which of our programs is most appropriate for you prior to submitting an application.

Applicants with existing MS or PhD degrees in Mechanical Engineering or Aerospace Engineering or closely related areas will not be admitted for a duplicate degree at the same level.

Finally, please do not email the department to verify if materials have been received. The Student Affairs Office will email you if your application is incomplete or if any documents are missing. However, please ensure that all required materials have been submitted or uploaded. The applicant assumes responsibility to document that all required materials have been submitted (for example, through receipts and screenshots).


The Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department will consider applications for Fall Quarter admission only. Due to the number of applications received this deadline is strictly observed.

Annual Deadline:
December 1

Check Application Status:
The uploading of documents on the UCLA Application for Graduate Admission signifies the receipt of application materials.

Check Decision Status:
All applicants are guaranteed an admission decision on their completed application no later than the national deadline to inform applicants on admission status, which is April 1. Applicants can check the decision result of their application through the online decision release service. If the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department has offered you a financial award (e.g., fellowship, Graduate Student Researcher) the deadline to respond to offers as published by the Council of Graduate Schools in the United States is April 15 of each year. All other admitted students must submit their Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) by June 15.


The nonrefundable application fee is $105.00 for U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents and $125.00 for all other applicants. UCLA accepts Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

  • Cash, checks, or money orders cannot be accepted at UCLA.
  • The application fee must be paid before an application can be considered.
  • The application fee is devoted to the UCLA administrative cost of processing all applications received, and is not refundable under any circumstances, regardless of the outcome, the date of filing, time of review, or if, for whatever the reason, the application is withdrawn.

Shortly after receiving your application, Diversity, Inclusion and Admissions sends an acknowledgment via email. Applicants should expect to receive an email acknowledgment within 72 hours of submitting the online application.

If you do not receive an email acknowledgment within a reasonable amount of time (five to seven days), please review your online application to be sure the submission process was completed. Please also be sure to check your “junk” email box, in case UCLA’s email was diverted there by your spam filter. If you still have not received the acknowledgment email, please contact in case there is a minor problem with your application data.

When a decision is made, applicants receive an email, directing them to the Graduate Division’s application site and the option Decision Status. Applicants sign in using the email address used to create their application account (not the User Name) and their application password to read the official decision letter.

If admitted, the conditions of admission and information and instructions concerning registration (via a link to the Statement of Intent to Register and a Statement of Legal Residence) will be included as part of the offer of admission letter, which can be printed out from the Graduate Division site. (International applicants: please read Visa Procedures/Financial Verification.)

Only official notification from the Dean of the Graduate Division constitutes approval of admission.


Mailing Address for Official Application Documents

Student Services Office
University of California, Los Angeles
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department
420 Westwood Plaza, 48-121 Engineering IV Bldg.
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1597

  • 1 Official Transcript – upload online and send originals
  • 3 Letters of Recommendation – online
  • Statement of Purpose – online
  • GRE test scores – electronically from ETS
  • TOEFL test scores (international students) – electronically from ETS


In addition to uploading an unofficial transcript on the online Graduate Admissions website, one official transcript from all colleges and universities attended must be mailed to the department. All documents must bear the actual seal and/or signature of the Registrar. Photocopies are not accepted. Do not send the original of an academic record which cannot be replaced; obtain a properly certified copy instead. All transcripts and credentials are evaluated by the UCLA Graduate Admissions Office in terms of UCLA equivalency.

International students: Please read the Graduate Division’s Required Academic Records information prior to submitting your transcripts. You may need to submit supplemental documents such as degree certificates and/or diplomas. Failure to submit the Required Academic Records will delay the processing of your application.

Entering students are expected to have completed the B.S. degree requirements with at least a 3.0/4.0 cumulative grade-point average of undergraduate study.

If you are a university/college senior, do not wait for senior-year grades before submitting your application and transcript.

Students entering the Ph.D. program are expected to have completed the requirements for the master’s degree with at least a 3.25/4.0 grade-point average. Normally the M.S. degree is required for admission to the Ph.D. program. Exceptional students, however, can be admitted to the Ph.D. program without having an M.S. degree but would be required to complete the M.S. degree along the way.

When filling out your application, fill out your grades in the scale that your institution uses. Do not attempt to translate your grades yourself, as we have a specialist in the department who will translate them. Meeting the above minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.

Applicants with existing MS or PhD degrees in Mechanical Engineering or Aerospace Engineering or closely related areas will not be admitted for a duplicate degree at the same level.

UCLA undergraduates please note:  Although you are required to upload your UCLA transcript online, you do not have to submit an official copy of UCLA transcripts to the our office.


All official academic records must show the dates of enrollment; the subjects or courses taken, together with the units of credit or time allotted to each subject and, if rank is determined, rank in the total class or group. The records must also include a complete description of the institution’s grading scale or other standard of evaluation. Maximum and minimum marks and the steps between them must be indicated.

Unless academic records and diplomas are routinely issued in English by the institution, submit the official records in the original language of instruction with an authorized, complete, and exact English translation.

We require degree certificate and diploma for applicants who have received their undergraduate degree at the time of their submitted applications. Evidence of conferral of all degrees, diplomas, or professional titles must be submitted to the major department. This evidence may be in the form of officially certified copies of the actual diploma, or entries on official records or official statements from granting institutions. In all cases, the statement must include the exact, original title of the degree and the date of its formal conferral (month and year).

Certificates of completion of required courses, or of degree examinations, cannot be accepted as evidence that the degree was granted. Degree diplomas showing month and year of award should be issued prior to the beginning of the term applied for.

Students applying from countries where “Excellent, Very Good, Good, Pass” marks are given on examinations must present an academic record with at least a “Very Good” general rating.


Three letters of recommendation are required. When submitting your online application, you will be required to list one e-mail address for each recommender. Once these addresses have been submitted, each recommender will be notified electronically by UCLA, and they will then submit their letters of recommendation using a secure interface.

For the M.S. program:
We recommend that you provide letters of recommendation from professors who have taught you in your junior and senior years.

For the Ph.D. program:
We urge that all your letters be from academic references as recent as possible; if you have an M.S., letters from professors who have served on your M.S. committee are particularly helpful. If you cannot obtain academic references, the letters should be from people who can comment on your recent professional attainments and your qualifications for graduate study.

How the online recommendation process works:

  • Insert the name and contact information of each recommendation provider.
  • Recommendation Type: Graduate Division Recommendation.
  • Once the recommendation provider information is saved, an email will be sent to the online  recommendation provider with an access code and instructions on how to proceed.
  • When the recommender submits the letter of recommendation it is posted on the online graduate admission application and will become a part of your application.
  • Applicants are able to remind faculty to submit their letters by having the system resend the email to those recommending the applicant. Applicants are urged to check it frequently.


The online application includes a section in which you must upload your “Statement of Purpose”. You will be required to describe exactly what you wish to study. This statement should be precise and brief. Your statement is a mean of helping us match your academic and research interests with those of our faculty (this is very important if you are applying for financial support). It should not be a personal life history; it should contain only such personal details as will aid the Admissions Committee in evaluating your application. Describe exactly what you wish to study at UCLA. “Mechanical Engineering”, for example is not specific enough. State what branch of Mechanical or Aerospace Engineering interests you, i,e., structural and solid mechanics, systems and control, heat and mass transfer, etc. For more information regarding specific fields of study in Mechanical or Aerospace Engineering, see Graduate Research Areas.


The General Graduate Record Exam test is required for admission to both the M.S. and Ph.D. programs. We recommend that students take the GRE test 3-4 weeks before admission deadline to ensure that test scores arrive by deadline. The test must be taken within the last five (5) years before the desired date of admission. Arrange to have ETS forward the scores to our office.

To avoid errors, please ensure that your name on your application matches exactly with the name entered on your exam, including hyphens and spaces. Errors in transmitting exam grades to UCLA most often occur because of differences in spelling.

Institution Code = 4837
Mechanical Code = 1502
Aerospace Code = 1601

The preferred GRE results are: Verbal, above the 79th percentile; Quantitative, above the 92nd percentile; Analytical Writing score above 4.0.
For complete information about the GRE, including policies, procedures, test dates, and fees, see the GRE website.


Students whose native language is not English are required to take and pass the TOEFL Examination.

A TOEFL score of at least 560 on the paper and pencil test or at least 87 on the internet-based test is the minimum required for applicants to graduate programs at UCLA. For the internet-based TOEFL (TOEFL iBT), the following are recommended minimum passing scores for each section: Writing:25, Speaking:24, Reading:21, Listening:17, but the required minimum total passing score:87.  An IELTS overall band score of at least 7.0 is the minimum required.

To avoid errors, please ensure that your name on your application matches exactly with the name that you enter on your exam, including hyphens and spaces.

Institution Code = 4837
Department Code = 68

Please note that TOEFL scores are considered valid for only two (2) years of the start of the intended application term, and that if several scores are submitted, only the most recent is considered.

Admitted applicants are required, upon arrival at UCLA, to take the UCLA English as a Second Language Placement Examination (ESLPE), an English diagnostic test, before being permitted to register. Depending on the results of the ESLPE, you may be required to complete English as a Second Language courses beginning in your first term at UCLA. If English courses are required, you should anticipate spending a longer period of time at the University. Admission is canceled for those who do not pass the ESLPE.  Please note that you must sit for the ESLPE regardless of your score obtained on the TOEFL, IELTS or any other English proficiency test.

Applicants who hold a bachelor’s or higher degree from a university located in the United States or in another country in which English is both the primary spoken language of daily life (e.g., Australia, Barbados, Canada, Ireland, Jamaica, New Zealand, United Kingdom) and the medium of instruction, or who have completed at least two years of full-time study at such an institution, are exempted from both the TOEFL/IELTS requirement and the English as a Second Language Placement Examination (ESLPE). Please be sure to include such information in your application.


Research Assistantship
Graduate student research positions are awarded directly by individual faculty. This is the most common form of financial assistance. Faculty members obtain contracts from various government agencies and industry to carry out research in applied topics. A portion of these funds are meant to pay trained graduate students a salary to assist in research which will normally result in a thesis for the student and scientific progress in the topic. Research Assistantships are individually negotiated between each student and his/her thesis advisor.

Exceptional Fall applicants, and in some cases continuing students, are offered fellowships which include a stipend and tuition expense. These awards are typically for one year, and the total monetary compensation is approximately equivalent to a Teaching Assistantship or Research Assistantship.

Teaching Assistantship
Teaching Assistantships are reserved primarily for Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering graduate students. Preference is usually given to doctorate students. Applicants from abroad who wish to apply for TA positions should take the Test of Spoken English (TSE) at the TOEFL Center in their home country or the equivalent TOP exam given at UCLA.


Information about obtaining the I-20 Certificate of Eligibility will be made available to admitted applicants by the Dashew Center for International Students and Scholars. Admitted applicants requiring a DS2019 for a J1 visa should contact the program to which they have been admitted to submit the request.

U.S. immigration law requires that international applicants, if admitted, show documented evidence that sufficient funds to cover all tuition, fees, transportation, and living expenses are available for the first year of their studies at UCLA. This must be proved before a Certificate of Eligibility (I-20 or DS2019) for a visa can be issued.

The I-20 form is issued to admitted applicants who apply, and are qualified, for an F-1 (student) visa, after they submit a Statement of Intent to Register accepting admission at UCLA.

The DS2019 form is issued to admitted applicants who apply, and are qualified for, a J-1 visa, after they submit a Statement of Intent to Register accepting admission at UCLA. J-1 (exchange visitor) status is appropriate for students whose programs of study are substantially funded by the U.S. government, their home government, an international or nonprofit organization, or UCLA.

Since the University cannot assume financial responsibility for its students, U.S. government regulations require that we be satisfied that entering students have sufficient funds to meet all expenses while at UCLA. Be aware that all fees and expenses are subject to change; it is best to plan to have additional funding well beyond the minimum.

Unless you have been officially notified in writing of an award from the department or the Graduate Division, you should not expect any financial support from UCLA. Teaching assistantships, graduate student research appointments, fellowships and stipends, as well as tuition fellowships, are not guaranteed for the full academic year or for subsequent years of study, unless stated in writing.

A student on a student visa cannot accept off-campus employment at any time during the first year in the U.S. Spouses of F-1 visa holders (F-2) are not allowed to work under any circumstances.

Students transferring from another U.S. college or university must request a transfer to UCLA from their current school, and must also complete Immigration and Naturalization Service requirements before the end of the second week of their first term at UCLA. To comply, students must report to the Dashew Center for International Students and Scholars and bring a letter from the former school indicating that the student maintained visa status and is eligible to transfer to UCLA.


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