Please email individual staff if you want to set up a Zoom meeting with them.
Thank you.

Meti Asfaw

Fund Manager

46-127D Eng IV
(310) 206-4811

Ewa Barylak

Senior Fund Manager

46-127E Eng IV
(310) 206-6999

Marla Cooper

Faculty Staff Support, 3rd floor

38-137 Eng IV
(310) 206-4810

Alex Duffy

Applications Programmer 2

48-121E Eng IV
Please contact by email

Alex Gladden

Payroll Analyst

46-127P Eng IV
(310) 825-7839

Amanda Gordillo

Faculty Support Staff, 4th floor

46-127 W08 Eng IV
(310) 825-6580

Ysidora Guevara

Fund Manager

46-127E Eng IV
(310) 794-7856

Abel Lebon

Graduate Student Affairs Officer

46-127J Eng IV
(310) 825-7780

Collin L.

Staff Personnel/Payroll

46-127H Eng IV
(310) 825-7900

Miguel Lozano

Senior Laboratory Mechanician

18-117 Eng IV
(310) 206-0309

VaShira Rhodes

Management Services Officer

48-121C Eng IV
(310) 825-2559

Keith Sadsad

Facilities Coordinator

46-127B Eng IV
(310) 825-8010

Benjamin Tan

Laboratory Manager

46-127M Eng IV
(310) 206-5007

Marcia Terranova

Academic Personnel/Payroll

46-127L Eng IV
(310) 206-0095


Graduate Student Affairs Officer