Surface acoustic wave devices (*SAW) for parametric amplification

Research: Surface Acoustic Wave Parametric Amplifier
Sponsor: NSF EFRI
Faculty: E. Wang, G.P. Carman, C.S. Lynch
Research Scientist: S. Keller
Students: M. Zakari, Carman Student, Wang student

Link to related work:

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Wave generated on LiNbO3

Signal amplified by pumping non-linear element

Brief Description:
Develop an ultra low-noise parametric amplifier.

Use interdigitated electrodes connected to an antenna to convert electromagnetic radiation to a surface acoustic wave on a piezoelectric lithium niobate substrate. Drive a pump signal into a non-linear element on the surface to amplify the signal. Collect the amplified signal at a second set of interdigitated electrodes.

 UCLA Samueli Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering