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Email, if you have login issues with the scheduling application.


Expense Reimbursement


PAC Order Form
Excel (Right click, select “Save Link As…”, download to computer.)

Travel Reimbursement

ONLY THE TRAVELER will be reimbursed. You CANNOT pay for another traveler’s expenses.

Domestic Travel:

  • UCLA DOES NOT honor DOMESTIC Per Diem.
  • Meals and incidentals will be reimbursed based on the actual amount spent (with original itemized receipts) up to a daily maximum of $62. There is no exception to the $62 maximum.
  • Reimbursement for meals of a trip that is LESS THAN 24 hours in duration IS NOT REIMBURSABLE, unless the travel involves an overnight stay.
  • Car rentals – “Economy only” is allowed, and the original receipt must be itemized. Purchase of GPS locator service (or similar), and vehicle upgrades are not reimbursable. LDW (Loss Damage Waiver) and (LIS) Supplemental Liability Insurance are not reimbursable. Travelers are encouraged to refuel before returning the car, due to agencies mark up of the fuel per gallon.
  • When using a private car and asking for mileage reimbursement (currently 58 cents per mile), please provide license plate number and verify that appropriate car insurance is in effect.

Foreign Travel:

Entertainment Expenses:

  • Original itemized receipt listing all items purchased and amounts must be included.
  • All receipts must show proof of payment – your name and credit card or bank card digits should appear on the receipt, otherwise, please provide a bank or credit card statement.
  • ALWAYS include a guest list, their titles, and affiliations.
  • Provide detailed information about the purpose of the meeting.
  • Alcohol may be reimbursed from discretionary funds.

Alcohol cannot be reimbursed from Federal and State grants.

Maximum amounts allowed per person:

Current rates are meals rates for Entertainment breakfast, lunch and dinner meals are:

Breakfast: $27
Lunch: $47
Dinner: $81
Light Refreshments: $19

Airfare–Direct Payment:

Airfare can be paid in advance by contacting the UCLA Travel Center at: (310) 206‐2639 or (800) 235‐UCLA (8252). Please press “2” for Domestic Flights and “3” for International Flights. You need to tell the Travel Agent that your airfare will be paid by your department via a PTA (Pre-Trip Authorization). You will need to give the agent the itinerary of your trip and the name and email address of the Administrative Assistant that will be handling the PTA. In order for the Administrative Assistant to process the PTA you need to provide the approving professor, as well as the business justification (i.e. name of conference, meeting, etc.)

PLEASE NOTE: For overseas flights, if the airfare is being paid from a grant (i.e. National Science Foundation, DARPA etc.) you are required to book a flight on a U.S. Flag carrier.

Technical Support

Benjamin Tan
Senior Development Engineer
18-117 Eng 4
(310) 206-5007

Miguel Lozano
Senior Lab Mechanician
18-117 Eng IV
(310) 206-0309


  • Development, Operation, Technical Support and Maintenance of MAE Undergraduate Laboratories
  • Technical Support of Department Research Projects
  • Technical Assistance and Design support for Student Society (AIAA, SAE) projects

Department Undergraduate Laboratories

Basic Mechanical Engineering Laboratory: 43-116 Eng IV
Automotive Engine Testing Facility: 14-118 Eng IV
Fluid Mechanics and Aerodynamics Laboratory: 15-139 Eng IV
Mechanical Engineering Design Laboratory: 44-116 Eng IV
Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer Laboratory: 43-116 Eng IV
Space Technology Hardware Design Lab: 15-139 Eng IV
Control System Design Laboratory: 38-138 Eng IV
SAE Student Project Center / SMV: 2033 Eng I
AIAA: 33-146 Eng IV | 38-138W Eng IV
ASME Student Project Center: 2025 Eng I

Supported Courses
MAE 157, 157A, 131AL, 162B, 162C, 162M, 172, 231C

Other Information

  • SEAS Tool Crib 1037 Eng I
  • Student/Faculty Machine Shop 2024 Eng I
  • All Undergraduate Students must attend a general SEAS Lab Safety Orientation prior to attending Laboratory Courses