Piezoelectric fatigue fuse for structural health monitoring

Research: Develop metal fatigue monitoring system
Sponsor: NSF STTR
Faculty: C.S. Lynch
Partners: Metal Fatigue Solutions
Research Scientist: K. Wetzler (MFS), Carlos Gamez (MFS), Scott Keller (MFS)
Students: R. Barranco, Y-C. Hsiao

Link to related work:

Piezoelectric fatigue fuse wireless sensor for monitoring cyclic loading of civil infrastructure

Brief Description:
A fatigue fuse is designed to break after a set number of loading cycles. This is bonded to a bridge to monitor the loading that leads to metal fatigue and failure. A wireless sensor based on piezoelectric materials monitors the status of the fuse and transmits it to a monitoring station.

Develop fatigue fuse technology to obtain accurate load cycle count. Develop piezoelectric pitch-catch system using acoustic waves. Develop cover system for protection from environment. Develop wireless data acquisition and transmission system. Develop energy harvesting system for self-powering.

 UCLA Samueli Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering