Piezoelectric driven magnetic (magnetoelectric) device design

Research: Multiphysics modeling of Magnetoelectric Devices
Sponsor: NSF-TANMS
Faculty: C.S. Lynch, G.P. Carman
Research Scientist: S. Keller
Current Students: A. Kundu, X. Li, Y-C. Hsiao
Graduated: J. Cui (Currently post doc with the Hyderman group at ETH Zurich)
Post Doc: M. Carka (Currently faculty at SUNY)

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Modeling, design, and development of nanosclae magnetoelectric heterostructures. M-H curves measured using magneto optical Kerr effect (MOKE). Strain changes magnetic behavior.

Brief Description:
The NSF-TANMS research center is developing nanoscale magnetoelectric devices with applications to memory, small antennas, and nanomotors. C.S. Lynch is the modeling thrust director and develops devices.

Develop and use computational design tools to design magnetoelectric heterostructures.

 UCLA Samueli Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering