Facilities Management

Keith Sadsad
Equipment/Facilities Management
Engineering IV Bldg.
(310) 825-8010

Space allocation, parking services, equipment management and rental, room access keys, telecommunications request, facilities service requests.

Equipment Purchases
Equipment purchases require a quote and a completed PAC Form The documentation should be forwarded to Lance Kono. Certain pieces of equipment may require additional documentation and/or justification. Please see below.

Computer Purchases
Computer purchases require a quote, completed PAC Form and a justification letter, should the purchase be made with extramural funds.

Sole Source Items
Purchase contracts involving an expenditure of $50,000 or more for goods or services must be awarded to lowest responsible bidder meeting specifications or else quotations will be rejected. Therefore, a Sole Source Request Form must be completed and attached to completed PAC Form.

All free standing pieces of equipment valued at $5,000.00 or more are considered inventorial equipment and will have a property number assigned to it.

Space Allocation
The Department Chair is responsible for allocation of space. Room assignments for temporary faculty, visitors, and TAs are made by Lance Kono.

Room Access Keys
If the requester has been assigned space in the MAE Dept. and/or need access to labs or administrative common areas, he/she will be given a card and/or keys with his/hers supervisor’s approval.

Facilities Service Requests
All Engineering and Campus Facilities requests are to be placed through Keith Sadsad. These services, in general, will incur a charge, and a recharge ID must be provided along with advisor and/or supervisor approval.

Campus FSR
(Facilities Service Requests) estimates are free of charge. A recharge ID is required to request an estimate. Estimates of $50,000 or more are open for competitive bidding.

Parking Services
Faculty, Staff, Students, Visiting Lecturers and Guest parking permits. Contact Keith Sadsad (room 46-127B) for parking applications and general information.

Graduate students applying for parking are required to be employed at least 49% time. Students are assigned lots 4 and 8.

PAC Form (PDF)
Data Projector Request Form (Excel) or (PDF)