Delivery Procedures

MAE Package Delivery Procedure

When ordering, provide a full and accurate address and phone number to the vendor. The correct address for any room in the Engineering IV Building is:

420 Westwood Plaza
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1597

If you order a package sent to Room 48-121 and not to a lab or office, it will be placed in your mailbox.

Where applicable, a PAC order number should be supplied to the vendor for inclusion in the shipping address. Correct PAC order number format is: 0205 C XXnnn where C is the order class (usually `V’, for LVOs) and XXnnn is the sequence number. Examples: 0205 V DB334, 0205 X DC998.

Customers should make every effort to obtain and use a package tracking number in all cases.

Where applicable, Purchasing staff should make every effort to obtain a tracking number and supply it to the customer.

All three major shippers have Web addresses at which a package can be tracked:




Customers should make every effort to be present in the lab or office to which the shipment is addressed on the day of its delivery. This is especially important when a package requires special handling (e.g., refrigeration). Otherwise, customers should at least make sure someone is in the lab or office to receive the package, or notify staff to be aware that a special-needs package is en route.

If your package has been delivered to the Engineering IV building but you have not signed for it personally, you can obtain the signature log by contacting Ron Abrams (x54235) for FedEx and USPS packages, or by contacting Mac Daley (x64809) for UPS and FedEx Ground packages.