U.S. Army Research Office – Fluid Dynamics featuring Dr. Matthew Munson

ABSTRACT: Dr. Matthew Munson currently serves as Program Manager for Fluid Dynamics at the United States Army Research Office. He will be providing a presentation on the United States Army Research Laboratory, with an overview of in-house vs extramural activities, as well as an introduction to the Army Research Office. He will also present some general interests of the Army Research Office Mechanical Sciences Division along with specific research interests to the Fluid Dynamics Program.

BIOSKETCH: Dr. Munson joined the U.S. Army Research Laboratory in 2012 as a Research Engineer and assumed his current position as Program Manager in late 2014. He received a PhD in Aeronautics from the California Institute of Technology in 2012, and a M.S. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology in 2003 and 2002, respectively. Between M.S. and PhD, he worked for Honeywell Aerospace applying CFD tools for analysis of future concepts and root cause/corrective action on fielded aircraft engine control system components. Dr. Munson is an active member of AIAA and APS_DFD. He lives in Durham, NC with his family and enjoys the study of yeast-infused multiphase flows.

Date(s) - Aug 27, 2019
11:00 am - 12:00 pm


38-138 Engineering IV
420 Westwood Plaza, Los Angeles CA 90095

 UCLA Samueli Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering