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UCLA MAE Faculty

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abdou_100.jpg Mohamed Abdou, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor

Fusion, nuclear, and mechanical engineering design, testing, and system analysis, thermomechanics; thermal hydraulics; neutronics, plasma-material interactions; blankets and high heat flux components; experiments, modeling and analysis.
bertozzi-100.jpg Andrea Bertozzi, Ph. D.
Distinguished Professor of Mathematics
Director of Applied Mathematics
Betsy Wood Knapp Chair for Innovation and Creativity

Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations, Applied Mathematics
Subtopics: Thin films, Image Processing, Swarming, Social Science Applications (domestic crime, insurgent activity)
candler-100.jpg Robert Candler, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Electrical Engineering Department

MEMS and nanoscale devices, fundamental limitations of sensors, micromagnetic devices for advanced light sources, biological and chemical sensing.
carman_100.jpg Greg Carman, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor

Nanoscale multiferroic materials, piezoelectric materials, magnetostrictive materials, thin film shape memory alloys, fiber optic sensors.
catton-100 Ivan Catton, Ph.D.
Distinguished Research Professor
Heat transfer and fluid mechanics, transport phenomena in porous media, nucleonics heat transfer and thermal hydraulics, natural and forced convection, thermal/hydrodynamic stability, turbulence.
chen_100.jpg Yong Chen, Ph.D.

Nanofabrication. Nanoscale electronic materials and devices. Micro-Nano electronic/optical/bio/mechanical systems. Ultra-scale spatial and temporal characterization.
chiou_100.jpg Pei-Yu Chiou, Ph.D.

Biophotonics, nanophotonics, BioMEMS/NEMS, electrokinetics, microfluidics and biofluidics, guided self-assembly, high throughput single cell analysis.
Artur Davoyan, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
(310) 825-7660
Devising and developing new approaches for space propulsion and power using unique nanomaterials.
dhir_color2_100.jpg Vijay Dhir, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor

Two-phase heat transfer, boiling and condensation, thermal and hydrodynamic stability, thermal hydraulics of nuclear reactors, microgravity heat transfer, soil remediation.
di-carlo-100.jpg Dino Di Carlo, Ph.D.
Professor and Graduate Vice Chair, Department of Bioengineering

Quantitative cell biology and mechanics of cancer metastasis, nonlinear microfluidics, microfluidic directed cellular evolution.
eldredge-new-100 Jeff Eldredge, Ph.D.

Computational and theoretical investigations of fluid dynamics, including unsteady aerodynamics, bio-inspired locomotion, fluid-structure interactions, and biomedical flows.
Tim Fisher, Ph.D.
Department Chair
John P. and Claudia H. Schauerman Endowed Chair in Engineering
Transport processes by electrons, phonons, photons, and fluids; applications in energy transport, conversion, and storage relevant to major industrial segments (aerospace, micro/nanoelectronics, sensors).
Elisa Franco, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
(Starting 1 November 2018)
Convergence of structural biology, dynamics and controls using specialized biomolecular frameworks.
rajit_100.jpg Rajit Gadh, Ph.D.
Smart Grid, Electric Vehicle and Grid Integration, Microgrid, Distributed Energy Resource,  Solar- and renewable- grid integration, Demand Response, Autonomous Electric Vehicle, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Wireless sensors and sensor fusion, Internet of Things, CAD/VR.
ghoniem2_100.jpg Nasr Ghoniem, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor

Damage and Failure of Materials in Mechanical Design; Mechanics and Physics of Material Defects (point defects, dislocations, voids and cracks); Material Degradation in Severe Environments (e.g. Nuclear, Fusion, Rocket Engines, etc.); Plasma and Laser Processing; Materials Non-equilibrium, Pattern formation and Instability Phenomena; Radiation Interaction with Materials (neutrons, electrons, particles, laser & photons).
gibson_100.jpg Steven Gibson, Ph.D.

Control and identification of dynamical systems. Optimal and adaptive control of distributed systems, including flexible structures and fluid flows. Adaptive filtering, identification, and noise cancellation.
goebel-100.jpg Dan M. Goebel, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor
Electric propulsion, high efficiency ion and Hall thrusters, cathodes, high voltage engineering, microwave devices and microwave communications, pulsed power.
Vinay Goyal
Adjunct Professor
(310) 206-0095
Mission critical applications including analysis and testing of additive manufacturing, ceramic ball bearings, impact damage, sandwich structures, thermal protection systems and ablative systems, failure analysis of composites, failure assessments of polymeric materials, durability of out-of-autoclave composites, durability and damage tolerance of bonded joints, optical-thermal-structures, and filament wound pressure vessels.
gupta-100.jpg Vijay Gupta, Ph.D.

Experimental mechanics, fracture of engineering solids, mechanics of thin films and interfaces, failure mechanisms and characterization of composite materials, ice mechanics, use of high frequency laser-generated acoustic pulses for dissociation of intercellular and cell-to-Ti bonds for the treatment of arrhythmias and development of efficient titanium implants.
ho-100 Chih-Ming Ho, Ph.D.
Distinguished Research Professor
Combinatorial drug therapeutics, Bio-molecular diagnostics, Feedback System Control (FSC) technique, Micro/Nano-electro-Mechanical-Systems, Microfluidics, Turbulence.
hong_100_actual.jpg Dennis Hong, Ph.D.

(310) 825-9471
Humanoids & Bipedal Robots, Robot Locomotion & Manipulation, Soft Actuators, Robotic Platforms, Autonomous Vehicles, Machine Design, Kinematics & Mechanisms.
hopkins_100.jpg Jonathan B. Hopkins, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Design, analysis, and fabrication of sophisticated flexible structures that possess extraordinary capabilities.
hu_100.jpg Yongjie Hu, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

(310) 825-3583
Heat transfer and electron transport in nanostructures, interfaces & packaging. Thermal, electronic, optoelectronic, thermoelectric devices and systems. Energy conversion, storage and thermal management. Ultrafast optical spectroscopy and high-frequency electronics. Nanomaterials design, processing and manufacturing.
iwasaki_100_new.jpg Tetsuya Iwasaki, Ph.D.

Neuronal control mechanism of animal locomotion, nonlinear oscillators, and robust/nonlinear control theory and its applications to mechanical, aerospace, and electrical systems.
jawed-100 M. Khalid Jawed, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

(310) 206-5453
Data-driven approach to modeling the mechanics of structures and fluid-structure interaction using robotics, automation, computation, and machine learning.
jin-100x100-v2 Lihua Jin, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

(310) 206-5115
Mechanics of soft materials: instability, fracture, and stimuli-responsive materials. Continuum mechanics and applications in technologies: additive manufacturing, soft robotics, and stretchable electronics. Nanomechanics and multiscale modeling.
ju_100.jpg Y. Sungtaek Ju, Ph.D.

Micro- and nanoscale thermosciencs, energy, bioMEMS/NEMS, nanofabrication.
Ann Karagozian, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor

Fluid mechanics and combustion, with applications to improved engine efficiency, reduced emissions, alternative fuels, and advanced high speed air breathing and rocket propulsion systems.
kavehpour_100.jpg Pirouz Kavehpour, Ph.D.
Vice Chair for Graduate Affairs

Microfluidics and biofluidics, biofuel cells, cardiovascular flow, complex fluids, interfacial physics, micro-tribology, non-isothermal flows, drug delivery systems, and artificial organs.
Chang-Jin Kim, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor
Volgenau Endowed Chair in Engineering
Vice Chair for Academic Personnel

Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), surface-tension-based microactuation, nanotechnology for surface control, microdevices including microfluidic applications, full spectrum of micromachining technologies.
kimj2_color_100.jpg John Kim, Ph.D.
Rockwell Collins
Endowed Professor
Distinguished Professor

Numerical simulation of transitional and turbulent flows, turbulence and heat-transfer control, numerical algorithms for computational physics.
lackman_100.jpg Les M. Lackman, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor

Mechanics of composite materials.
lavine3_100.jpg Adrienne Lavine, Ph.D.

Solar thermal energy storage, thermal energy harvesting, thermal control of nanoscale manufacturing, thermomechanical behavior of shape memory alloys, thermal aspects of manufacturing processes including machining and plasma thermal spray.
prof xiaochun li_100 Xiaochun Li, Ph.D.
Raytheon Endowed
Professor in
Manufacturing Engineering

Scifacturing (science-driven manufacturing), Super Metals by Nanoparticles Self-Dispersion, Scalable Nanomanufacturing, Smart Manufacturing, Additive Manufacturing.
liou_100.jpg K. N. Liou, Ph.D.
Distiguished Professor
Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences

Atmospheric radiative transfer, remote sensing of clouds and aerosols, and climate/clouds-aerosols research.
lynch_new_small.jpg Christopher S. Lynch, Ph.D.
Ferroelectric materials including experimental characterization of constitutive behavior under multiaxial loading.
mcloskey_100.jpg Robert M’Closkey, Ph.D.

Nonlinear control theory and design with application to mechanical and aerospace systems, real-time implementation.
mal_100.jpg Ajit Mal, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor
Vice Chair for Undergraduate Affairs

Mechanics of solids, fractures and failure, wave propagation, nondestructive evaluation, composite materials, structural health monitoring, biomechanics.
marian-100.jpg Jaime Marian
Associate Professor Materials Science Engineering

Computational materials modeling and simulation in solid mechanics, irradiation damage, plasticity, phase transformations, and thermodynamics and kinetics of alloy systems. Algorithm and method development for bridging time and length scales and parallel computing applications.
marner_100.jpg Webb Marner, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor

Thermal sciences, system design.
morley3_color.jpg Neil Morley, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor

Magnetohydrodynamics of free surface and closed channel liquid metal flows in strong magnetic fields and with complex geometries.
mosleh_100.jpg Ali Mosleh, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor
Evelyn Knight Chair in Engineering
Reliability engineering, physics of failure modeling and system life prediction, resilient systems design, prognostics and health monitoring, hybrid systems simulation, theories and techniques for risk and safety analysis.
murthy-100 Jayathi Murthy, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor
Nanoscale heat transfer, computational fluid dynamics, and simulations of fluid flow and heat transfer for industrial applications. Sub-micron thermal transport, multiscale multiphysics simulations and uncertainty quantifications.
pei_100.jpg Qibing Pei, Ph.D.

Stretchable Polymer Electronics; Conjugated polymers; Electroactive polymer artificial muscles; Nanostructured materials; Polymer actuators and generators; Radiation detection; Polymer synthesis; Polymer composite.
LPilon2016-color-100 Laurent Pilon, Ph.D.

Transport phenomena, radiation transfer, thermal sciences, interfacial phenomena, sustainable energy technologies, electrochemical energy storage, photobiological processes, waste heat harvesting.
Giacomo Po
Adjunct Professor
(310) 825-7839
Material Degradation in Severe Environments; Radiation Interaction with Materials; Polycrystal Plasticity; Mechanics and Physics of Material Defects.
rosen_100.jpg Jacob Rosen, Ph.D.

(310) 206-0174
Biorobotics; Human centered robotics, medical robotics (surgery and rehabilitation), wearable robotics (exoskeleton), teleoperation, haptics and virtual reality, biomechanics, neuromuscular control, and human-machine interfaces.
VJSantos_headshot_071714_corrected_100x100.jpg Veronica Santos, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Human-machine systems, robotics, prosthetics, tactile sensors, haptics, hand biomechanics, neural control of movement, stochastic modeling, and clinical applications of biomechanical modeling.
sepulveda_100.jpg Abdon Sepulveda, Ph.D.
Associate Adjunct Professor
Multidisciplinary structural and system optimization, finite elements, reliability, alternative analysis, control systems, nanoscale multiferroic materials, piezoelectric materials, energy harvesting, energy storage.
sharafat-100 Robert S. Shaefer, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor

Fusion reactor technology: modeling, analysis, and development of fusion reactor tritium breeding blankets, plasma facing first walls, and divertors; design and development of high heat flux components; development of advanced tritium-breeder materials.
siegel_100.jpg Neil Siegel, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor

Analysis of major elements of systems engineering processes; system life-cycles.
Mitchell Spearrin, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Spectroscopy and gas dynamics; advanced optical sensors, including laser absorption and fluorescence, with experimental application to propulsion, energy systems, and other reacting flow fields.
speyer-100.jpg Jason L. Speyer, Ph.D.
Ronald and Valerie Sugar
Endowed Professor of
Distinguished Professor

Stochastic and deterministic optimal control and estimation with application to aerospace systems; guidance, flight control, and flight mechanics.
Kunihiko Taira, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
(Starting 1 November 2018)
Analysis, modeling, and control of fluid flows using high-performance computing by combining concepts from fluid mechanics, dynamical systems theory, network science, and data science.
tsao-100 Tsu-Chin Tsao, Ph.D.

Modeling and control of dynamic systems with applications in mechanical systems, manufacturing processes, automotive systems, and energy systems, digital control; repetitive and learning control, adaptive and optimal control, mechatronics.
wirz_new_100.jpg Richard Wirz, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Electric and micro propulsion, low temperature plasma and plasma discharges, spacecraft and space mission design, alternative energy generation and storage.
Zhong-face_100.jpg Xiaolin Zhong, Ph.D.
Computational fluid dynamics; hypersonic flows, development of new very high-order numerical methods; numerical simulation of hypersonic boundary layer receptivity, stability, and transition; numerical simulation of real-gas hypersonic flow; development of high-order immersed interface method for flow simulations; DNS of strong shock interaction with turbulence; numerical simulation studies of wave energy harvesting devices.



Bendiksen, Oddvar
bendiksen2_100.jpgClassical and computational aeroelasticity, structural dynamics and unsteady aerodynamics.
48-121 Eng IV
Carnesale, Albert
carnesale_065Public policy issues having substantial scientific and technological dimensions, including national security strategy, arms control, nuclear proliferation, the effects of technological change on foreign and defense policy, domestic and international energy issues, and higher education.
(310) 267-4353
Catton, Ivan
catton_100.jpgHeat transfer and fluid mechanics, transport phenomena in porous media, nucleonics heat transfer and thermal hydraulics, natural and forced convection, thermal/hydrodynamic stability, turbulence.
48-121 Eng IV
Friedmann, Peretz
peretz_new_065.jpg Helicopter and fixed-wing aeroelasticity, active control of helicopter vibration and noise, aeroelasticity and aerothermoelasticity of hypersonic vehicles, unsteady aerodynamics, optimization with aeroelastic constraints; structural dynamics, aeroelasticity of flapping wing MAV’s.
Please contact at University of Michigan, link here.
Hahn, Thomas
Hahn 65 Multifunctional composites, nanocomposites, nanomanufacturing, energy harvest/storage systems.
48-121 Eng IV
Ho, Chih-Ming
Ho 65 Combinatorial drug therapeutics, Bio-molecular diagnostics, Feedback System Control (FSC) technique, Micro/Nano-electro-Mechanical-Systems, Microfluidics, Turbulence.
48-121 Eng IV
Kelly, Robert
Kelly 65 Thermal convection, thermocapillary convection, stability of shear flows, stratified and rotating flows, interfacial phenomena.
(310) 839-5030
Mills, Anthony
mills_new_photo2_100.jpg Convective heat and mass transfer, condensation heat transfer, turbulent flows, ablation and transpiration cooling, perforated plate heat exchangers.
48-121 Eng IV
Mingori, D. Lewis (Tino)
mingori-065Dynamics, Stability and Control of Mechanical Systems including Spacecraft Dynamics, Model Reduction, Robust Control, and Fault Detection.
6532 H Boelter Hall
310-383-2834 (Cell)
Smith, Owen
smith_100.jpg Combustion and combustion-generated air pollutants, hydrodynamics and chemical kinetics of combustion systems, semi-conductor chemical vapor deposition.
48-121 Eng IV
Westmann, Russell 48-121 Eng IV
Yang, Daniel
Robotics and mechanisms; CAD/CAM systems, computer controlled machines.
48-121 Eng IV