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In addition to uploading an unofficial transcript on the online Graduate Admissions website, one official transcript from all colleges and universities attended must be mailed to the department. International applicants, please submit one official transcript, degree certificate and/or diploma. All documents must bear the actual seal and/or signature of the Registrar. Photocopies are not accepted. Do not send the original of an academic record which cannot be replaced; obtain a properly certified copy instead. All transcripts and credentials are evaluated by the UCLA Graduate Admissions Office in terms of UCLA equivalency.
Entering students are expected to have completed the B.S. degree requirements with at least a 3.0/4.0 grade-point average for the last 60 semester units or last 90 quarter units of undergraduate study.
If you are a university/college senior, do not wait for senior-year grades before submitting your application and transcript.
Students entering the Ph.D. program are expected to have completed the requirements for the master’s degree with at least a 3.25/4.0 grade-point average. Normally the M.S. degree is required for admission to the Ph.D. program. Exceptional students, however, can be admitted to the Ph.D. program without having an M.S. degree but would be required to complete the M.S. degree along the way.
When filling out your application, fill out your grades in the scale that your institution uses. Do not attempt to translate your grades yourself, as we have a specialist in the department who will translate them. Meeting the above minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.
Applicants with existing MS or PhD degrees in Mechanical Engineering or Aerospace Engineering or closely related areas will not be admitted for a duplicate degree at the same level.
UCLA undergraduates please note:  Although you are required to upload your UCLA transcript online, you do not have to submit an official copy of UCLA transcripts to the our office.

International Requirements

All official academic records must show the dates of enrollment; the subjects or courses taken, together with the units of credit or time allotted to each subject and, if rank is determined, rank in the total class or group. The records must also include a complete description of the institution’s grading scale or other standard of evaluation. Maximum and minimum marks and the steps between them must be indicated.

Unless academic records and diplomas are routinely issued in English by the institution, the official records in their original language must be submitted with an authorized, complete, and exact English translation.

Evidence of conferral of all degrees, diplomas, or professional titles must be submitted to the major department. This evidence may be in the form of officially certified copies of the actual diploma, or entries on official records or official statements from granting institutions. In all cases, the statement must include the exact, original title of the degree and the date of its formal conferral (month and year).

Certificates of completion of required courses, or of degree examinations, cannot be accepted as evidence that the degree was granted. Degree diplomas showing month and year of award should be issued prior to the beginning of the term applied for.

Students applying from countries where “Excellent, Very Good, Good, Pass” marks are given on examinations must present an academic record with at least a “Very Good” general rating.