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Technical Support

Benjamin Tan
Senior Development Engineer

18-117 Eng 4
(310) 206-5007

Miguel Lozano
Senior Lab Mechanician

18-117 Eng IV
(310) 206-0309


  • Development, Operation, Technical Support and Maintenance of MAE Undergraduate Laboratories
  • Technical Support of Department Research Projects
  • Technical Assistance and Design support for Student Society (AIAA, SAE) projects

Department Undergraduate Laboratories

Basic Mechanical Engineering Laboratory 43-116 Eng IV
Automotive Engine Testing Facility 14-118 Eng IV
Fluid Mechanics and Aerodynamics Laboratory 15-139 Eng IV
Mechanical Engineering Design Laboratory 44-116 Eng IV
Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer Laboratory 43-116 Eng IV
Space Technology Hardware Design Lab 15-139 Eng IV
Control System Design Laboratory 38-138 Eng IV
SAE Student Project Center / SMV 2033 Eng I
AIAA 33-146 Eng IV
38-138W Eng IV
ASME Student Project Center 2025 Eng I

Supported Courses
MAE 157, 157A, 131AL, 162B, 162C, 162M, 172, 231C

Other Information

  • SEAS Tool Crib 1037 Eng I
  • Student/Faculty Machine Shop 2024 Eng I
  • All Undergraduate Students must attend a general SEAS Lab Safety Orientation prior to attending Laboratory Courses