UCLA Engineering professor Jacob Rosen develops wearable and surgical robots

By Katherine Kornei

Robots might someday be a regular presence in hospitals, and that’s not a scary future, says Jacob Rosen. “We are in a midst of a robot revolution,” he says. “It’s focused on meeting the demands of a growing worldwide population and the quest for a high-quality, long life,”

Rosen, who specializes in medical robotics, leads the engineering school’s Bionics Lab. He supervises groups developing both wearable robots—think exoskeletons useful in physical therapy—and surgical robots that enable precise surgeries to be conducted remotely.

Please continue reading at https://samueli.ucla.edu/robotics-may-drive-the-future-of-healthcare/.

For further information on the history of Prof. Rosen’s exoskeleton research, please see his co-authored paper “Upper-Limb Powered Exoskeleton Design,” published about 10 years ago in IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics, and still one of this journal’s most cited papers:

​The following link includes information about exoskeleton system research at UCLA​:


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