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UCLA MAE Professor and SMERC Director Rajit Gadh was quoted by Fast Co.Design in the recent article “Tesla Is Betting On Scarcity, Not Luxury.”

From the article:

Rajit Gadh, UCLA professor and founder of the school’s the Smart Grid Energy Research Center, has 100 EV charging stations set up on a mini grid around campus. There, he has successfully proven that using such hookups, we could siphon energy from cars directly into homes.

“These vehicles sit around 80% to 90% of the time. I’m excited about those batteries,” says Gadh. Indeed, the smallest Tesla battery of today could power a home for two days. If the grid just sipped on the energy of those parked cars now and again, the added capacity to the entire grid could be enormous, and EVs may be able to absorb the needs of peak demand.