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Purchase of Goods and Services (Delivery Procedures)

To order goods and services with values less than $5,000

  • Fill out the PAC order form with complete information
  • Contact vendor and write his/her name on the form, verify the price of your items or even request a quote
  • Do not forget to ask if your item is available, sometimes the vendor does no’t have the item in stock. This prevents a long wait, and you can contact an alternate vendor.
  • Get approval of your PI and ask what account you should use for this purchase
  • Submit your order at least 5 days in advance so as to prevent:
    • Delays with shipment
    • Items not being in stock
    • Any other unknown problems

To order goods and services with values in excess of $5,000

Campus purchasing establishes the terms and conditions of purchase.

Please visit UCLA Purchasing web site for further details.

  • This order requires special handling due to its value. For this reason you should submit a memo that justifies the order with the signature of your PI.
  • Fill out the PAC order form with complete information.
  • Follow the same procedure when ordering goods and services with values less than $2,500

Expense Reimbursement Requests  ($1,000 maximum)

  1. On a letter-size sheet of paper indicate:
    • Your name
    • Student ID
    • Complete home address
    • Phone number
    • E-mail address
    • Purchase justification
    • Whether or not you have direct deposit
  2. Contact your PI for his/her approval signature and account number to be charged.
  3. Make copies of your receipts and keep them for your records.
  4. Attach original receipts to the signed form and submit the paperwork.


  • Do not buy any items or services with values in excess of $1,000 since you cannot be reimbursed
  • Purchases over $5,000 require a special procedure submit an order
  • Please attempt to submit orders at least a week in advanced of the day needed
  • If you receive a double shipment of your order, a wrong item, or if you do not receive your order within 5 to 8 days, contact the person who placed the order.

Speaker Honoraria


Entertainment Policy

Click here for the Entertainment Policy

Other notes regarding the Entertainment Policy

All travel reimbursements are processed through Travel Express. Receipts are still the most important items for any travel reimbursements. Receipts will be routed via fax for image attachment. We will keep the originals on file in the department. The new travel express system “package deals” i.e., airfare & hotel purchased from Orbitz or some other site, will be rejected if there isn’t an itemized bill from the hotel. Package deals within the current system are being approved. However, with the new system, they will automatically be rejected. If you have any questions or concerns about a travel reimbursement, please talk with your support person before you travel.


Charges not allowed on PCARD

  • Airfare, Registrations, Hotel, Car rental, restaurants (Anything to do with Travel or entertainment) Must be charged on a GE travel card or Express, see:
  • Conferences, registration fees. (Express or GE travel Card)
  • Food / Alcoholic Beverages.
  • Personal Purchases.
  • Cash or cash like transactions.
  • Fuel.
  • Gifts, Flowers, Sympathy gifts.
  • Services in general. Professional Services, Contracted Services, Telemarketing, etc.
  • Recurring Charges.
  • Procurement Card is NOT to be used for service awards and/or retirement gifts awarded under G-41 and G-42.
  • UCLA Policy 740

UCLA Policy 740: Items Not To Be Purchased with University Controlled Funds

It is campus policy not to purchase items for personal use. Since the items listed below normally fall into this category, exceptions will have to be approved by a dean or department head and the proper campus administrator before a final purchase can be made.

  • Athletic equipment and supplies for tennis, golf, etc., unless it is part of an approved program of physical education or recreation.
  • Coffee-making equipment, including all devices for making and serving coffee.
  • Examination books (blue books).
  • Desk or office items such as nameplates, desk clocks, desk sets and brief cases.
  • Ornamental items, such as ash trays, pictures, vases, pillows, planters, plants, Christmas decorations, draperies, window coverings, etc.
  • Personalization of University equipment.
  • Picture framing of pictures, certificates, or other items not the permanent property of the University.
  • Stereos, VCR’s, and televisions.
  • Repairs to personal property.
  • Gifts, flowers, fruit or mementos outside the limits and guidelines defined in Business and UC Finance Bulletin G-41 (PDF).
  • Parties for academic and non-academic staff, including retirees, in conflict with the guidelines of UC Business & Finance Bulletin BUS-79.