Veronica Santos part of team awarded $3M in ONR funding to develop a dexterous, underwater robotic hand with tactile feedback

Above image: Dexterous underwater robot developed by RE2 Robotics for handling dangerous devices. (RE2 Robotics.) UCLA MAE Associate Professor Veronica Santos, along with her University of...

Nasr Ghoniem takes materials to their extreme limits

Materials in extreme environments are the unsung heroes in our everyday lives.  Materials used in rocket, jet and automotive engines, nuclear reactors, space satellites, submarines, aircraft structures, and other extreme environments are exposed to unusually harsh...

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Artur Davoyan reaches for interstellar space

Imagine a science fiction world where the following is an everyday reality: travelling at a fraction of the speed of light and reaching the closest stars; using our own sun as a lens to see exoplanets; harnessing the sun’s gravity as a slingshot for huge solar sails....

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Hocus pocus with a robotic focus

UCLA roboticist Dennis Hong and his robot magician, MAGI, shine on the Netflix show ‘Magic for Humans’ Dennis Hong, UCLA professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering and director of RoMeLa, which stands for Robotics and Mechanisms Laboratory, and one of his...

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We have liftoff of student-built satellites

UCLA's ELFIN A and ELFIN B satellites were successfully launched this weekend and we have established contact with both satellites! ELFIN link:, UCLA News Room articles:

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