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In Appreciation of Our Sponsors

giving_photo_360w.jpgAs one of the top Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Departments in the nation, the quality of our faculty and students is exceptional. Our graduates are highly regarded and sought after and are assuming leadership positions in academia, industry, and government. Our faculty and students conduct innovative research with the goal of benefiting society. To maintain our high standards, we must compete with the finest departments across the country for faculty and students while teaching a large number of undergraduates. To pursue our efforts in maintaining our reputation and our ability to perform cutting-edge research and educate our undergraduate and graduate students, as well as to provide service to academia and industry in the Los Angeles area and around the nation, your support would be greatly appreciated.

Your gift could, for example, fund (i) scholarships and fellowships for students, (ii) equipment and renovation for state-of-the-art teaching and research laboratories, or (iii) research conducted by our faculty and graduate students. Gifts to establish endowments will ensure a perpetual source of funds to be used for the purposes designated by the donor.

Please contact to discuss the various ways you can give to the UCLA MAE Department and how your gift will be used to help assure we maintain the highest quality of teaching and research.