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Abstract: This session provides a basic introduction to quantitative finance, specifically electronic market making. Dr. Lord Cole (UCLA PhD 2012) shares his experience transitioning from academia to proprietary ‘prop’ trading at Transmarket Group. The session will end with Q&A. This session is open to all UCLA MAE students, faculty, and staff that are either interested in careers in quantitative finance or merely curious of what goes on in the world of “Flash Boys”.


Dr. Lord Cole is currently a Senior Algorithmic Trader of Interest Rates at Transmarket Group. Prior to this, Dr. Cole received a PhD in Aerospace Engineering from UCLA working under Professor Ann R. Karagozian in the UCLA Energy and Propulsion Science Group. In his thesis titled “Combustion and Magnetohydrodynamic Processes in Advanced Pulse Detonation Rocket Engines”, Dr. Cole researched novel single-stage-to-orbit rocket designs, stability of flame-shock coupling, and detonation-magnetic field interactions. Prior to his graduate studies at UCLA, Dr. Cole served as an officer in the United States Navy and graduate from the United States Naval Academy (class of 2005).

Date(s) - Oct 19, 2015
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


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