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Dennis Hong (UCLA) was one of the 5 recipients of the prestigious 5th “2015 Hyupsung Social Contribution Award” at the award ceremony at the Hyupsung Foundation Bulding in Busan Korea, December 7. The Hyupsung Social Contribution Award is given for contributions to the society besides their great achievements in their respective fields. The winners will be given award plaques and awards of 50 million won each ($50,000 USD).

Professor Dennis Hong was chosen for his contribution in the development of life saving robots to be used at disaster sites, and technologies that can help the physically challenged including the world’s first car for the visually impaired. He inspires the young generation especially in the science and engineering fields. He works for the beautiful coexistence of human and robots in the future.

Hyupsung Cultural Foundation is a foundation started form the Hyupsung construction company starting with 10 billion won in October 2010. Each year since the establishment, additional 10 billion won has been added. As of now, including real estate, the funds has a total of 70 billion won.