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UCLA MAE Professor Chih-Ming Ho was quoted in a recent article regarding new landmark research in personalized medicine:

“Optimizing the drug ratios during combination therapy for a population or a specific patient has, until now, been virtually impossible,” said Chih-Ming Ho, who is UCLA Engineering’s Ben Rich–Lockheed Martin Professor, and a corresponding author of the study. “Our ability to calibrate how individual patients respond to treatment and to use that information to robustly guide their regimen based on the parabola-based approach has made personalized medicine a reality.”

Chih-Ming Ho, who holds faculty appointments in mechanical and aerospace engineering, and in bioengineering, pioneered the development of PPM.

The featured image (UCLA School of Dentistry) is a Parabola mosaic, a compilation of patient-specific parabolic response surfaces, which are the keys to personalized medicine. They represent responses to combination therapy for individual patients for liver transplant immunosuppression.


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