Dassault Systems 3DEXPERIENCE is a platform of 3D modeling and simulation applications, such as Catia, Delmia, and Novia, that integrate with Solidworks for product and project design.

At this time, only UCLA MAE-affiliated students, faculty, and staff are being invited as 3DEXPERIENCE members, as there are a limited number of licenses. Once demand for the software has been established, there is the possibility that membership licenses will be expanded to any Samueli students that want them, and to UCLA students involved in on-campus engineering projects.

3DEXPERIENCE members are allowed:

  • Automatic access to common space;
  • To launch any rich app;
  • The right to create collab spaces.

3DEXPERIENCE Video Tutorials

  • Please click HERE for the most important video tutorial page. These videos explain what the 3DEXPERIENCE platform is, and how to register, install, access, connect, navigate, and create with 3DEXPERIENCE


  • Please watch the videos first. If you have any questions, please contact us.
  • General questions on registration, installation, and access: Alex Duffy (duffy@seas.ucla.edu)
  • Specific technical questions, troubleshooting, connection or navigation issues, or how to create with 3DEXPERIENCE: Florent Salako (florent.salako@3ds.com)

Note: Please check this FAQ periodically for updates.