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Tetsuya Iwasaki


Iwasaki 216 x 216

Tetsuya Iwasaki, Ph.D.
(Purdue, 1993)

38-137M, Eng IV
(310) 206-2533



Neuronal control mechanism of animal locomotion, nonlinear oscillators, and robust/nonlinear control theory and its applications to mechanical, aerospace, and electrical systems.

Selected Recent Publications:

Analytical insights into optimality and resonance in fish swimming
S Kohannim, T Iwasaki
Journal of The Royal Society Interface 11 (92), 2014

Biological clockwork underlying adaptive rhythmic movements
T Iwasaki, J Chen, WO Friesen
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (3), 978-983, 2014

Stability analysis of systems with generalized frequency variables
S Hara, H Tanaka, T Iwasaki
IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 59 (2), 313-326, 2014

Exciting multi-DOF systems by feedback resonance
D Efimov, A Fradkov, T Iwasaki
Automatica 49 (6), 1782-1789, 2013

Neural control for coordinated natural oscillation patterns
Z Chen, T Iwasaki, L Zhu
Systems & Control Letters 62 (8), 693-698, 2013

Central pattern generator control of a tensegrity swimmer
T Bliss, T Iwasaki, H Bart-Smith
IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics, 18 (2), 586-597, 2013