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Daniel Yang


Yang 238x216

Daniel C. H. Yang
(Rutgers, 1982)
(310) 206-8066


Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing Lab
(link temporarily down)



Robotics and mechanisms; CAD/CAM systems, computer controlled machines.

Selected Recent Publications:

Yang, D.C.H. and Tong, S.H., "Specific Flowrate of Deviation--Function Based Lobe Pumps—Derivation and Analysis," J. of Mechanism and Machine Theory 37(10), 1025–1042, 2002.

Yang, D.C.H., Chuang, J.J., and Oulee, T.H., "Boundary-Conformed Toolpath Generation for Trimmed Freeform Surfaces," Computer-Aided Design 35(2), 127–139, 2003.

Yang, D.C.H., Chuang, J.J., Han, Z., and Ding, S., "Boundary Conformed Toolpath Generation for Trimmed Freeform Surfaces via Coons Reparameterization," J. of Material Processing Technology 138(1–3), 138–144, 2003.

Chuang, J.J. and Yang, D.C.H.,"A Smooth Boundary-Blending Method for 2D Surface Parametrization," ASME J. of Mechanical Design 126, 327–335, 2004.