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Chih-Ming Ho


Ho 240x180

Chih-Ming Ho, Ph.D.
(Johns Hopkins, 1974)

chihming at
(310) 825-9993


Micro Systems Laboratories




















Combinatorial drug therapeutics, Bio-molecular diagnostics, Feedback System Control (FSC) technique,  Micro/Nano-electro-Mechanical-Systems, Microfluidics,  Turbulence

Selected Publications

Featured by ISI as one the top 250 most cited authors in engineering

  1. Tsutsui, H., Valamehr, B., Hindoyan, A., Qiao, R., Ding, X., Guo, S., Witte, O.N., Liu, X., Ho, C.M., and Wu, H., "An Optimized Small Molecule Inhibitor Cocktail Supports Long- term Maintenance of Human Embryonic Stem Cells", Nature Communications, 2:167, DOI: 10.1038/ncomms1165, 2011.
  2. Al-Shyoukh, I., Yu, F., Feng, J.,  Yan, K., Dubinett, S., Ho, C. M.,  Shamma, J.S. and Sun R., “Systematic quantitative characterization of cellular responses induced by multiple signals, BMC Systems Biology, Vol. 5, pp. 88, 2011.
  3. Wong T. S. and Ho, C.M. “Dependence of Macroscopic Wetting on Nanoscopic Surface Textures”, Langmuir, 25(22), 12851–12854, 2009.
  4. Wei, F., Liao, W., Xu, Z., Yang, Y., Wong, D.T., and Ho, C.M., “A Bio-abiotic Interface Constructed by Nanoscale DNA-Dendrimer and Conducting Polymer for Ultra-sensitive Bio-molecular Diagnosis”, Small, DOI: 10.1002/sm11.200900369, 2009.
  5. Wong, P.K,  Yu, F., Shahangian A., Cheng, G., Sun, R. and Ho, C.M., “Closed-Loop Control of Cellular Functions Using Combinatory Drugs Guided by a Stochastic Search Algorithm”, Proceeding of National Academy of Science, Vol. 105, No.13 pp. 5105-5110, 2008.
  6. Li, N. and Ho, C.M., “Aptamer-Based Optical Probes with Separated Molecular Recognition and Signal Transduction Modules”, Journal of American Chemical Society, Vol. 130, pp. 2380-2381, 2008.
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