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Chang-Jin Kim



Chang-Jin (CJ) Kim, Ph.D.
(UC Berkeley, 1991)
(310) 825-0267


Micro and Nano Manufacturing Laboratory


MEMS and nanotechnology, including design and fabrication of micro/nano structures, actuators, and systems, with a focus on the use of surface tension. Special topics include electrowetting-on-dielectric (EWOD); drag reduction by superhydrophobic surfaces; miniature fuel cells

Selected Recent Publications:

T. Liu and C.-J. Kim, “Turning a Surface Super-Repellent Even to Completely Wetting Liquids”, Science, Vol. 346, 2014.

J. I. Hur, C.-J. Kim, “Miniature Fuel-Cell System Complete with On-Demand Fuel and Oxidant Supply”, J. Power Sources, Vol. 274, pp. 916-921.

M. Xu, G. Sun, and C.-J. Kim, “Infinite Lifetime of Underwater Superhydrophobic State,” Phys. Rev. Lett., Vol. 113, 2014, 136103.

H. Park, G. Sun, and C.-J. Kim, “Superhydrophobic Turbulent Drag Reduction as a Function of Surface Grating Parameters,” J. Fluid Mech., Vol. 747, 2014, pp. 722-734.

S. Chen, M. R. Javed, H.-K. Kim, J. Lei, M. Lazari, G. J. Shah, R. M. van Dam, and P. Y. Keng, and C.-J. Kim, “Radiolabelling Diverse Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Tracers Using a Single Digital Microfluidic Reactor Chip,” Lab Chip, Vol. 14, 2014, pp. 902-910.

W. Choi, V. Rubtsov, and C.-J. Kim, “Miniature Netting System for Endoscopic Object Retrieval from Hard-to-Reach Area,” J. Microelectromech. Syst., Vol. 22, 2013, pp. 1158-1165.

G. Sun, X. Zhao, and C.-J. Kim, “Fabrication of Very-High-Aspect-Ratio Microstructures in Complex Patterns by Photo-Electrochemical Etching,” J. Microelectromech. Syst., Vol. 21, 2012, pp. 1504-1512.

W. Nelson and C.-J. Kim, “Droplet Actuation by Electrowetting-on-Dielectric (EWOD): A Review,” J. Adhes. Sci. Technol., Vol. 26, 2012, pp. 1747–1771.

P. Y. Keng, S. Chen, H. Ding, S. Sadeghi, G. J. Shah, A. Dooraghi, M. E. Phelps, N. Satyamurthy, A. F. Chatziioannou, C.-J. Kim, and R. M. van Dam,  “Micro-chemical Synthesis of Molecular Probes on an Electronic Microfluidic Device,” Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. (PNAS), Vol. 109, 2012, pp. 690-695.

C. Lee and C.-J. Kim, “Underwater Gas Restoration and Retention on Superhydrophobic Surfaces for Drag Reduction,” Phys. Rev. Lett., Vol. 106, 2011, 14502.