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Adrienne Lavine


Lavine 216

Adrienne Lavine, Ph.D.
(UC Berkeley, 1984)

VC of Undergraduate Affairs
(310) 825-7468

Modeling of Complex Thermal Systems Laboratory (MCTS Lab)












Solar thermal energy storage, thermal energy harvesting, thermal control of nanoscale manufacturing, thermomechanical behavior of shape memory alloys, thermal aspects of manufacturing processes including machining and plasma thermal spray.

Selected Recent Publications:

Lakeh, R.B., Lavine, A.S., Kavehpour, H.P., Ganapathi, G.B., and Wirz, R.E., “Effect of Laminar and Turbulent Buoyancy-Driven Flows on Thermal Energy Storage using Supercritical Fluids,” Numerical Heat Transfer, Part A: Applications: An International Journal of Computation and Methodology, 64:12, 955-973 (2013)

T.L. Bergman, A.S. Lavine, F.P. Incropera, and D.P. DeWitt, Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer, Wiley, 7th ed. (2011)

Bulgrin, K.E., Ju, Y.S., Carman, G.P., and Lavine, A.S., “An Investigation of a Tunable Magnetomechanical Thermal Switch,” J Heat Transfer, Vol. 133(No. 10):101401-1–101401-7 (2011)

Sasa, L.A., Yearley, E.J., Jablin, M.S., Gilbertson, R.D., Lavine, A.S., Majewski, J., and Hjelm, R.P., “Shear-induced metastable states of end-grafted polystyrene,” Phys Rev E, Vol. 84(No. 2):021803-1–021803-6 (2011)

Bulgrin, K.E., Ju, Y.S., Carman, G.P., and Lavine, A.S., “A Coupled Thermal and Mechanical Model of a Thermal Energy Harvesting Device,” Proceedings of ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition, Lake Buena Vista, FL, (IMECE2009-13040): (Nov 2009)

Lavine, A.S. and Bergman, T.L., “Small and Large Time Solutions for Surface Temperature, Surface Heat Flux, and Energy Input in Transient, One-Dimensional Conduction,” J Heat Transfer, 130(10):101302-1–101302-8 (Oct 2008)