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Open Faculty Positions in ME, AE

UCLA's Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department has two tenure-track faculty positions open for Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering. Mechanical Engineering Aerospace...

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Nanoscale transport: 3Qs with Tim Fisher

Professor Tim Fisher joined UCLA in 2017 as a faculty member in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department. He leads the Nanoscale Transport Research Group, which looks at transport processes by electrons, phonons, photons, and fluids, with an eye toward...

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Lihua Jin: Toward stretchable phones and squishy robots

Lihua Jin’s work in soft materials engineering is helping pave the way for these kinds of advances In the Disney animated film “Big Hero 6,” the character Baymax is a loveable, squishy robot that resembles the Michelin Man and is programmed to be a sidekick and...

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