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Robotics may drive the future of healthcare

UCLA Engineering professor Jacob Rosen develops wearable and surgical robots By Katherine Kornei Robots might someday be a regular presence in hospitals, and that’s not a scary future, says Jacob Rosen. “We are in a midst of a robot revolution,” he says. “It’s focused...

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Open Faculty Positions in ME, AE

UCLA's Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department has two tenure-track faculty positions open for Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering. Mechanical Engineering Aerospace...

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Yong Chen elected 2017 ASME Fellow

UCLA MAE Professor Yong Chen was elected a 2017 ASME Fellow. His citation is as follows: Dr. Yong Chen has invented a synaptic device and a neuromorphic circuit for machine learning to overcome the shortages of programmable Si circuits with superior parallel signal...

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