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News Item MAE students compete in Rapid Prototyping competition
December 20, 2012
News Item In Memoriam: David Okrent, pioneer in nuclear reactor design, safety
December 19, 2012
News Item MAE hosts successful 2012 IAB annual meeting
November 28, 2012
News Item Kuo-Wei Huang wins the IEEE Nanomed 2012 Best Paper Award
November 26, 2012
News Item MAE PhD Alumnus Xiaoyong Wang wins the 2012 Henry Ford Technology Award for Research
November 6, 2012
News Item MAE PhD Alumnus Tak Sing Wong receives R&D 100 Award for ultra-slippery liquid-repellant coating
November 5, 2012
News Item Rajit Gadh quoted in Popular Mechanics on Hurricane Sandy and power outage prevention
November 5, 2012
News Item Ray Hsu wins first 2012 "Tao Wu Researcher of the Year" award
November 1, 2012
News Item Vijay Dhir recognized in 2012 ASME Honors with Honorary Membership
October 31, 2012
News Item The science of space electric propulsion
September 28, 2012
News Item MAE Alumna Julie Nichols: Her 2012 Olympic Story
September 24, 2012
News Item Rise of the Rocketeers
September 21, 2012
News Item Pirouz Kavehpour appointed new Faculty Director of UC LEADS
September 13, 2012
News Item Greg Carman to direct TANMS, the new UCLA engineering research center which will revolutionize nanoscale electromagnetic devices
September 5, 2012
News Item MAE students Adam Provinchain and Brett Lopez take 1st and 2nd place at 2012 RISE-UP Poster Competition
August 31, 2012
News Item Tetsuya Iwasaki and the amazing mechanical manta ray: Engineers copy nature
August 30, 2012
News Item Wei Yu wins von Liebig fellowship
August 28, 2012
News Item Rajit Gadh weighs in on India power outage
August 1, 2012
News Item J.S. Chen wins IACM Computational Mechanics Award
July 18, 2012
News Item Vijay Gupta to assist in UCLA study determining if copper surfaces can reduce hospital-acquired infections
July 13, 2012
News Item Vijay Gupta quoted in LA Times story about Oscar Pistorius
July 6, 2012
News Item May The Best Robot Win
July 2, 2012
News Item Razmig Kandilian awarded the Chateaubriand Fellowship
June 15, 2012
News Item Professor Tetsuya Iwasaki receives the 2011-2012 MAE Teaching Award
June 13, 2012
News Item Jason Speyer selected to receive the 2012 AIAA Aerospace Guidance, Navigation, and Control Award
June 8, 2012
News Item UCLA MAE 2012 Commencement Awards and Honors Announcement
June 6, 2012
News Item Julie Nichols qualifies for London 2012 US Olympic Rowing Team
June 4, 2012
News Item UCLA BEAM engineers hands-on mentorship for young students
May 30, 2012
News Item UCLA aerospace engineering ranked no. 8 by Microsoft Academic Search
May 11, 2012
News Item Asking an Expert about Biofuels: PortTech LA’s Q&A with Professor Laurent Pilon
May 10, 2012
News Item Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department’s Research and Technology Review highlights innovation
May 8, 2012
News Item Pei-Yu Chiou's laser-triggered high-speed cell sorter highlighted in Nature Photonics
May 7, 2012
News Item UCLA Racing Baja team seeks off-road victory at Society of Automotive Engineers competition
May 2, 2012
News Item Built to battle: UCLA students gear up their BattleBots for annual RoboGames competition
April 19, 2012
News Item Rajit Gadh: Latest Video on the UCLA Smart Grid Energy Research Center
April 16, 2012
News Item Louis Tse receives an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
April 10, 2012
News Item Rajit Gadh: How Big a Solar System? How Big a Battery System? Questions From the Lab
March 29, 2012
News Item Cynthia Yin awarded 1st place in 2012 VCSF Senior Division Biochemistry Category
March 26, 2012
News Item UCLA Students Compete To Build The World’s Most Fuel-Efficient Car
March 15, 2012
News Item UCLA Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Research and Technology Review, April 27, 2012
March 13, 2012
News Item Tsu-Chin Tsao's Mechatronics and Controls Laboratory conceives, designs, and builds dual-control robot that helps guide hands of novice surgeons
February 29, 2012
News Item Rajit Gadh and Smarter Power
February 24, 2012
News Item Prof. Greg Carman’s Start-Up Experience – NSVascular Inc.
February 23, 2012
News Item Prof. CJ Kim's Start-Up Experience - Core Microsolutions
February 22, 2012
News Item UCLA Micro Systems Lab involved in UCLA discovery that migrating cells 'turn right' has implications for engineering tissues, organs
February 17, 2012
News Item Ann Karagozian interviewed on SoCal Connected story "Military Goes Green"
January 30, 2012
News Item CJ Kim's electronic microfluidic device synthesizes biocompatible probes
January 27, 2012
News Item Rajit Gadh interviewed on the India Smart Grid market
January 13, 2012
News Item Building the smart grid of the future: UCLA teams with Korea's energy research institute
January 3, 2012