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Syllabus for the Major Field in Heat and Mass Transfer

  1. Required Fundamentals
    1. Transport Properties [MAE 131A, 132A]

    Properties of Gases

    Properties of Liquids

    Properties of Metals and Nonmetals

    Properties of Porous Solids

    1. Heat Conduction in Stationary Media [MAE 131A]

    One-dimensional steady conduction

    Extended surfaces

    Multidimensional steady conduction

    Transient conduction

    1. The Conservation Equations [MAE 231A, C232A]




    Chemical species

    1. Heat Convection [MAE 131A, 231A]


    Fully developed laminar flow in ducts

    Laminar boundary layer on a flat plate

    Natural convection

    1. Radiative Heat Transfer [MAE 131A, 231B]

    Physics of Radiation

    Diffuse wall enclosures

    Radiation shields

    Solar radiation

    1. Boiling and Condensation [MAE 131A and/or 231C]

    The pool boiling curve

    Nucleate and film boiling

    The peak and minimum heat fluxes

    Laminar film condensation

    1. Mass Transfer [MAE C132A]

    Definitions of concentrations and fluxes

    Interfacial conditions

    Steady diffusion across a plane wall

    Transient diffusion

    Heterogeneous catalysis

    The analogy between convective heat and mass transfer

    Simultaneous convective heat and mass transfer

    Adiabatic vaporization, wet-bulb temperature

    1. Exchanger Design [MAE 131A, C132A]

    Exchanger balances

    Overall heat transfer coefficients

    LMTD and ε-NTU methods

    Single and two stream heat exchangers

    Single stream mass exchangers - catalytic converters and evaporative coolers


  1. Advanced topics

    Students should prepare themselves for Topics 1-3, and at least one of Topics 4 and 5.

    1. Heat Convection [MAE 231A]

    Duct entrance regions

    Laminar boundary layers with pressure gradients

    Turbulent flow in ducts

    Turbulent boundary layers

    Laminar and turbulent natural convection boundary layers

    Variable wall temperature and heat flux

    High speed flow and recovery factors

    1. Radiative Heat Transfer [MAE 231B]

    Directional and spectral variation of surface properties

    The equation of radiative transfer

    Radiative heat transfer in participating media

    Engineering calculation of radiation heat transfer in combustion gases

    Coupling radiative transfer with fluid flow and heat conduction

    1. Mass Transfer [MAE C132A/232A]

    Diffusion in porous media

    Transport in multicomponent gas mixtures

    Laminar and turbulent boundary layers with mass transfer

    Condensation from vapor-gas mixtures

    Transpiration and sweat cooling

    1. Boiling and Two Phase Flow [MAE 231C]

    Nucleate boiling and bubble dynamics

    Maximum and minimum pool boiling heat fluxes

    Pool film boiling

    Forced flow evaporation and boiling

    Film condensation

    Two phase flow regimes

    Two phase flow models

    1. Microscopic Energy Transport [MAE 231G]

    Statistical thermodynamics fundamentals

    Energy carriers

    Kinetic and transport theory

    Surface and Interface Effects

    Applications to semiconductor and MEMS devices


  1. Course Preparation

As preparation for the written examinations, the student should have taken MAE 131A (or an equivalent course), MAE C132A/232A, 231A, 231B, and 231C or 231G. The student is expected to have an adequate mathematics preparation for graduate work in the field. Recommended courses include MAE 182A, 182B, and 182C.

In addition to passing the written examination, it is recommended that the student take two advanced specialized courses pertinent to the field. Possible courses include MAE 231C or 231G (whichever one the student was not examined on), 285, 286, 296B, 252C, 250F.


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